välkommen hem, orion / welcome home, orion



Dearest Orion,

I will teach you things – necessary things and silly things alike.

I will give you exercise – walks in the woods, swift runs over fields. When you are older, you can join me when I ride my bike and go skiing.

I will let you sleep on the bed and the couch and the armchair and the rugs, and with your little head on my feet.

I will give you good food, yummy things to chew, and lots of treats. And you’ll get to lick a few plates as well.

I will give you lots of play time, with me and with other dogs. You will get lots of toys, too.

I will spoil you with necessary and unnecessary dog stuff – we can always do with another snazzy lead!

I will take you on adventures – we will swim in the sea and go hiking in the mountains.

I will groom you and trim your nails and clean your teeth, gently and with patience.

I will make sure that you get help from a veterinarian when it’s needed.

I will document our life together with thousands upon thousands of pictures. (Yes, you’ll get treats for posing.)

I will give you cuddles and kisses and closeness.

And I will love you. Every day, every moment, with all of my heart.

Welcome home! ♥

3 Responses

  1. *ler brett*

    lilla rödpojken!

  2. Your desccription of life with you. If only that were the goal, the view every potential dog owner had in their minds… You have such good values regarding dogs I think.