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wallace whiskers learns to crochet



Lately, Wallace had noticed how little dogs had been popping up all over the place…
When he asked the dogs were they came from, they replied, “The sewing box, I think?”


Wallace went to investigate this ‘sewing box’. It had an awful lot of things in it, but he didn’t see how they could make a dog?


Fortunately, he ran into someone who knew more! The hedgehog introduced himself as Mr Crawley.
“Crocheting an animal is not that complicated. You need a pattern, for example like the one we are standing on.
Also, a crochet hook, a pair of scissors, stitch markers so not to lose count, and of course yarn!”


“For a neat finish, it needs to be stuffed.”
Wallace liked the stuffing – it was soft and fluffy, rather like snow but not cold at all!


Then, Mr Crawley wanted to explain about eyes and noses, but Wallace thought that this was a bit unpleasant.
“Of course,” Mr Crawley added, “crocheting is much easier if you have opposable thumbs.”


It was becoming rather a lot of information to remember, so Wallace thought that he should probably write it all down.


Scribble, scribble…


Wallace paid very close attention while the human worked.


Because he liked the stuffing best of all, he got to help out with filling up the pieces, cheered on by Mr Crawley.


Then, the dog had to be assembled. As this involved a lot of Mr Crawley’s pins, Wallace decided to step out of the room.
After so much learning, he felt that he needed a cup of tea and a Swedish semla, a cardamom-spiced wheat bun with a filling
of sweet almond paste and whipped cream, with plenty of powdered sugar on top. It was yummy!


And when he returned to the other room, he found a little dog waiting for him!
This was a whole new level of making friends. Crocheting was really something, thought Wallace Whiskers.

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5 Responses

  1. I so love these
    Do give Wallace a love from me

  2. Hej!
    Man blir så glad av att läsa din blogg!
    Härliga bilder på fina hundar och roliga äventyr med Wallace!
    Skulle det gå att beställa en virkad igelkott? Min nåldyna är inte alls något fin
    och jag tror att en liten kotte skulle pigga upp :)

  3. Så himla fina lappar du hade på dina virkade hundar! Har du gjort de själv eller har du kanske något tips på var det finns att få tag på? Jag stickar lite och när en ger bort present kan det vara lite roligt och fint att märka upp det sådär tänker jag :)