shovelling with wallace

various creatures


It seems that Wallace brought the weather with him from Michigan – we woke up to a lot of snow this morning!
Wallace kindly offered to help me with the shovelling and got started on the bird feeder.


Of course, it’s very cold out, so before we stepped outside, I made a little woolly hat for him.
He had a choice between a pompom and a bell to go on top of it, and he went for the bell!


The Bullfinches were very curious about our new friend, and couldn’t seem to stay out of his way.
Rather like cats when you’re trying to get something done, Wallace reflected.


Phew! Wallace thought that it was hard work, but also very rewarding when he saw how grateful the birds were for his help.


All done! Thank you so much for helping out, Wallace!

3 Responses

  1. Nä jag bryter snart ihop. Jag ÄLSKAR Wallace! Och som vanligt tar dina bilder andan ur mig. Trevlig helg bästaste, finaste och raraste, Anna! ♥
    Hälsa hela flocken!

  2. OMG
    These are so very cute. Hoping Wallace is having as fun as we are watching him

  3. LOL.
    ÅH. Jag säger som de andra, jag älskar också Wallace!
    Vilken flitig liten mus! Så himla roliga bilder Anna! :D MERA MEEERRAAAA! (Mera, host.)