we have a visitor!

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A package arrived for us today, from far, far away…


Inside, we found this charming little fellow. I knew him at once – his name is Wallace, and he normally resides
with my good friends the Plummer family in Michigan, US. But as Wallace is a great traveller (and as the Plummers’
new kittens were getting a bit too interested in him), he kindly asked the humas if he could go on another adventure.


Poor Wallace quickly realised that there were Big Creatures in this place as well!
Fortunately, a Kind Man rescued him from the box before the furry giants could grab him.


Wallace: “You’re the biggest cat I’ve ever seen!”
Sirius: “I’m not a cat – I’m a dog! And I promise not to eat you. Not even a nibble.”


Wallace was not entirely reassured by Sirius’ words, but he cheered up quite a bit when he found a piece of mature
Gouda cheese in our fridge, brought to us by friends all the way from the Netherlands. He wasted no time in sticking a little
flag in the cheese – according to Wallace, this is the flag of his home country, but I think that he might be pulling my tail…


For dessert, Wallace enjoyed some of the very generous food selection that the Plummers had packed for him.
And because Wallace is also very generous, he offered to share it with us. Thank you, Wallace! We are looking forward
to spending Christmas with you. And thank you Amanda and family for helping Wallace to come and visit us! ♥

6 Responses

  1. Du har så bra vänner Anna! :D
    Vilket bra paket och vilken stilig Wallace <3

    Anna Reply:

    Jag tror att Wallace vill komma och hälsa på hos era möss någon dag! ^_^

    Anna Reply:

    Oh ja! :D
    De äter just i denna stund spagetti :P

  2. Hehe verkade väldigt spännande det där, alla hundarna är med och hjälper till att öppna :)

  3. Vilket FANTASTISKT blogginlägg! Jag hade kunnat läsa en hel bok om lilla Wallace och hans äventyr! Det bor en författare i dig, men det har jag ju iofs vetat länge. Jag undrar om du riktigt VET det? :) Mera! Mera!