england, day five – a morning in alton

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Better late than never, right? I’ve still got a few days of photos from England to catch up with, and since it’s still pouring down outside here I thought it would be a good project for today. :)

Our fifth day in England was a Saturday and everyone was busy preparing for the seniors’ birthday party the following day. Since any kind of food preparation usually works better without my involvement, Erik and I went into the nearby town of Alton to explore the Farmers’ Market. We took two of the collie youngters, Horace and Atlas, with us for some social training, and we had a great time.


Goldies waiting for their breakfast in the morning. ♥


The human breakfast isn’t bad, either – Catherine’s home mixed muesli is to die for!
(Literally, even, if your name is Erik and you happen to eat a hazelnut… :P)

erik, horace & atlas

Erik with Horace and Atlas, chilling outside the pet shop. The Farmers’ Market up the street was pretty
crowded and we were busy guiding the young dogs there, so I didn’t take any photos of the market itself.


We bought some smoked pig ears at the pet shop, and Horace declared that he’d never seen anything so strange in his life!


Atlas was also a little suspicious – were they really supposed to EAT the ears?!


But they both caught on quickly!


Still, the ruddy ears kept trying to escape – it took Atlas a while to realise he could hold onto it with his paws. :)


Gorgeous, handsome Atlas, about 6 months old.


Horace helped me write some postcards and put on the appropriate stamps and labels.


“So, it goes on there, next to the stamps…”


Atlas cuddles. ♥


Horace the Runt, growing into a handsome, sporty boy.

erik & atlas

Erik inviting Atlas to come play on the tree stump.


Atlas, looking gorgeous again.

erik & goldisar

At home, we had to make up for lost cuddle time with the Goldies.

kirsty & goldiesar

Kirsty took a break from cooking to help out with the Goldie snuggles.


Remember back in April, when I wrote about the loss of my favourite Goldie, Captain? It was difficult to visit Mastamariner, knowing that he wouldn’t be there. But when Erik and I returned from our day out, Captain’s grandson Tiber walked up to me, bouncing slightly as though he had springs under his paws, and gently pressed his muzzle to my stomach. I almost started crying, becuse that was exactly what Captain would always do. He may be gone from the house, but part of him lives on in his kind, gentle children and grandchildren. ♥


Captain ♥

2 Responses

  1. Adorable Horace, I’ve been wondering how he was getting on, and it’s lovely to see how great he is doing. Is it just me, but when I saw the full face picture of Atlas my tummy did a funny little turn. It was like looking into the face of the wonderful Hercules, and it brought tears to my eyes. Love all your photos as always Anna! x

    Anna Reply:

    I know exactly what you mean, Ann – Atlas is the spitting image of his granddad Hercules! It’s one of many things that made him so irresistible to Catherine and Graham. :)