our third day in england – dinner with horace

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To round off our perfect day at the Harry Potter set tour, we decided to have dinner at the pub, The Yew Tree. The food is absolutely delicious there, and because England is such a sensible and civilised country, dogs are allowed to come into the pub area! So, the little Mastamariner mascot, Horace, joined our party! :)

horace & graham

Where’s your dinner again, Graham? ;)

horace & co

Everyone, including Horace of course, having a good look at the tempting menu.


“Just order the sausages already!”


Being spoiled with the excellent food service at Mastamariner kennel, Horace found the wait for our food a little tiresome.
To cheer him up, Graham gave him the owl he’d got for Horace in the Harry Potter gift shop. It made a great pillow.

horace & co

Then, the owl started moving about!


Naturally, Horace had to put a stop to that kind of rowdy behaviour. We were in a respectable establishment, after all!


And then the yummy, yummy starters arrived!


Well, yes, of course Horace had a taste – why else would you bring your dog to dinner at the pub? :)

2 Responses

  1. I think Horace just melted my heart. Anna, can I please have one? Pwetty pwlease?

  2. I absolutely adore little Horace! xxx