a few glimpses from the woods

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Tintin, saying hello to our new neighbour dog, a ten-year-old Border Collie/Tervueren mix called Kimmie.

Assembling furniture – Tintin makes it twice the fun! :P

Afternoon tea – don’t judge the teabag, we hadn’t unpacked the proper stuff yet!

Welcoming Erik home from work. ♥

We certainly can’t complain about a lack of pretty and solitary places to walk. Hurray!

Afternoon “fika” by an empty cottage (belonging to a nearby farm) in the middle of the woods – with bones for some, of course!

Life has been worse! :)

“Excuse me, but… I think your fika looks tastier than mine!”

When could I ever deny her anything? :) Spoiled Ruth!

Today’s haul – the woods are full of delicious funnel chantarelles. My basket just wouldn’t fit any more!

Mr Tin in his favourite spot. ♥


5 Responses

  1. Verkar jättehärligt! And spoiled!Ruth is very cute.

  2. Men åhhh så fint ställe ni flyttat till…paradiset ju!!! Blev lätt avis på den fina skogen o det verkar finnas många fina rundor för er o era fina 4benta:)..o vilka spår,spännande att utforska!
    Kramar till er alla i goa flocken,men en extra nospuss till fina Tintin <3

  3. Himlars pannkaka vad fint det ser ut! Där lär ni trivas! :)

  4. What a wonderful place to live Anna. It looks so peaceful and tranquil, and it looks a beautiful place for the dogs to just be able to run free. I’m so happy for you all, (and just a little bit envious ;-) Hope you are all settling in well. Love all the pics. Take care all of you. x