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from the archive: tor & the bug

dogs, from the archive

Most people know that the Border Collie is considered as a highly intelligent breed. In some cases, like with Sirius, this means that they’re very eager to please and easy to train. In other cases, like with Tintin, “intelligent” means a great curiosity about the world, an insatiable apetite for everything new, and a great attention for even the tiniest of details. Which, I suppose, is why, earlier today, Tintin spent about fifteen minutes playing with a price tag sticker that I’d pulled off a box, and also why he tried to climb through the window in pursuit of a sparrow a couple of days ago…

The stunning young man in the photos below, Mr Tornado of Mastamariner, is a very intelligent boy indeed. At first, I thought his cleverness was of the Sirius kind, but then I witnessed the following scene and realised that he’s a bit of both… ;)

“Huh?! What’s that?”

“Oh my god, it’s a BUG! Everyone, PANIC!”

Thamesis: “What’s all this commotion about?”
Tor: “It’s… It’s the most terrifying thing, Tam-Tam! It’s probably better if you don’t look!”

“Maybe if I lie very, very still, it won’t attack me…”

“Psst, bugsie? Are you still alive?”

“Argh, it MOVED! Grrr! See my gleaming fangs, Mr Bug? Yes, you’d better watch it!”

Thamesis: “Border Collies… Sigh!”

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5 Responses

  1. Ljuvlig bildserie! Jag satt med ett leende som nästan gick ett helt varv runt mitt huvud!
    Hm, jag tror faktiskt också att jag råkat få en Border collie som är a bit of both… ;)

  2. Hehe söta Tor^^ Underbara bilder Anna! :)

  3. Anna-Carin Eriksson

    Gud vad roligt…tänk vad människor utan hundkontakt missar mycket!!!!
    Du är inte bara bra på att fota…du är suverän på att skriva oxå! Skriv en bok vet ja ;0)

  4. Haha, vilken charmig prick han verkar vara Tornado :D

  5. En underbar bildserie Anna! Snyggt jobbat! :)