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sköna oktober / sweet october

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Det har varit lite tunt med uppdateringar på slutet, dels på grund av skolarbete och dels för att det inte hänt så mycket. Tintin fick åka på återbesök till veterinären i fredags då vi hittat en svullnad under snittet i den vänstra ljumsken. Det visade sig vara ett serom, alltså en vätskefylld “bula”. Den jättetrevlige veterinären satte ett dränage under stygnen och nu ska Tin hålla sig helt lugn ända tills på onsdag. Stackars troll.

De andra hundarna har det betydligt bättre. Aska fick sig en heldag på Sundsvalls brukshundklubb igår, där vi tittade på lydnadstävlingar tillsammans med Elaine och hennes flickor. Efteråt blev det en skön skogspromenad och massor av border collie-prat. Som vanligt när vi är ute på, alltså. ;)

Idag tog jag alla tre hundarna med mig och drog med några särdeles goda vänner till skogen. Vi promenerade i ett par timmar och grillade sedan korv och fikade i skogen. En underbar söndag!

I haven’t updated much lately, partly because I’ve been busy with school and partly because, well, not much has happened. Tintin had to go back to the vets on Friday after we discovered a lump beneath one of his sutures. It turned out to be an accumulation of fluids. Our very nice vet took care of it and put a drainage under the stitches, and now Tin is supposed to stay as still as possible until Wednesday. Poor puppy.

The other dogs are at least doing perfectly well. Aska got a day all to herself at the dog club yesterday, where we watched obedience competitions with Elaine and her girls. Afterwards, we went for a nice, long walk in the woods. Elaine and I talked about Border Collies – like we always do when we’re together! ;)

Today, I took all three dogs with me and went to the woods with some very dear friends. We walked for a couple of hours, after which we had afternoon tea outdoors, complete with sausages grilled over an open fire. A perfect Sunday!


hejdå, september! / goodbye, september!

dogs, life in general, nature, people, places
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Underbara månad, saknar dig redan. Välkommen oktober – du har mycket att leva upp till! :)

Amazing month, I miss you already. And welcome, October – you have a lot to live up to! :)

hearts of gold

dogs, people, places

My friend and fellow ex dog-au pair girl, Johanna, surrounded by “her” Goldies.

Johanna, having a cuddle with George.

Flax, going a wee bit mental on the dog sofa. ;)

Smiling Flax!

Remus, taking little Naomi down to play in the sandpit.

Toby, getting a kiss from Tor. Aww.

Priscilla seems to be a bit offended by her brother Percy’s yawning.

Captain, having a good snuggle with Rachel during Hercules’ birthday party.

Thamesis, not entirely pleased with the attention from Percy and Astra. *giggle*

Percy, checking to make sure that Tam-Tam has remembered to brush her teeth. ;)

Camilla, another ex au pair girl with her Goldie, Tigris. :)

Such a lovely pair. ♥

The Pigeon Patrol! Toby and Jet is under the firm and ever-vigilant command of the Dusty-Dog.

Darling Jet, having a drink of water after returning from a walk.

höst i köket / autumn in the kitchen

dogs, life in general, places

mr perfect junior

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Sirius at about 8 weeks old. Photos by Catherine Everitt.

I’m having a wonderful, wonderful time in England. Even the weather’s nice, would you believe it. :) My camera is in constant use, but editing photos and updating the photo blog is a complete nuisance because my travelling laptop has such a tiny screen. I’ll see about some proper updates when I get back home tomorrow.

Speaking of photos, Catherine has kindly let me explore her picture archives. I was on the hunt for photos of Ruth as a puppy and youngster, as I have none of those myself, but I was also lucky enough to happen upon some superb shots of Sirius, from those few weeks he spent without me at the kennel when I was back in Sweden to pick up Aska. And just look at him! How was I ever supposed to resist that face? Well, clearly I wasn’t. ;)


dogs, life in general, nature, people, places

A few weeks ago, after finishing our summer jobs, Erik and I took the dogs with us and went for a mini vacation in a small rafter’s cabin in the middle of the woods. We spent a few blissful days there in complete peace, just relaxing, eating, sleeping and reading. Oh, and knitting as well, in Erik’s case. :) The dogs loved it there, of course, and amused themselves with swimming in the lake, eating blueberries from the sprigs, playing chase, and turning countless sticks into woodshavings; the ones that Tintin fetched from the lake were the yummiest, we were told. ;) All in all, it was just the perfect place to wind down and to stock up on energy for a busy autumn.

frukost vid tjärnen / breakfast at the forest pond

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familj / family

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Systerdotter Stella & kusin Adele gör sallad. Ser ni väl? :) / Niece Stella and cousin Adele, making a salad – can’t you tell? :)

Morfar Bengt med mormors kusiner. / My paternal granddad Bengt with my grandmother’s cousins.

Kusin Ruben, systerdotter Stella och kusindotter/guddotter Turid. / Cousin Ruben, niece Stella and cousin’s daughter/my goddaughter Turid.

Systrarna Adele och Julia, mina småkusiner. / Sisters Adele and Julia, my cousins.

Kusinson/gudson Triton i famnen på sin pappa Göran. / My cousin’s son/my godson Triton in his daddy Göran’s arms.

Gravida storasyster Jessica med sambon Leo, morfar och så Stella såklart.
My pregnant big sister Jessica with her boyfriend Leo, granddad and Stella of course.

Julia hos morbrors fru Beata. / Julia with my uncle’s wife, Beata.

Delar av min familj – pappa, lillasyster Ida, Leo, jag, mamma, storasyster Jessica och Stella.
Some of my family – dad, little sister Ida, Leo, me, mum, big sister Jessica and Stella.


Turid kramar sin morbror (jo, faktiskt!) Ruben. / Turid, hugging her uncle (yes, really!) Ruben.

Ruben med sin pinne och snuttefilt. / Ruben with his stick and his blankie.

Pinnar eller iPhone – alla sätt är bra utom dom dåliga. / Sticks or iPhone – whatever works!

Pappa och Stella. / Dad and Stella.

Några av alla blommor från mormors vackra begravning. / Some of the flowers from my maternal grandmother’s beautiful funeral.

hem ljuva hem / home sweet home


Gårdagen blev lång – vi lämnade Västergötland innan fyra på morgonen och kom hem efter tio på kvällen.
Men efter elva timmars sömn och en gigantisk kopp te kände jag mig manad att ta en promenad till stranden med Tintin och Ruth. :)

Yesterday was endlessly long – we left the southwest of Sweden before four in the morning and got home after ten in the evening.
But after eleven hours of sleep and an absolutely gigantic cup of tea, I felt up for a walk to the beach with Tintin and Ruth. :)

Ruth & Tintin

Vi träffade en trevlig schäferkille som hette Nisse. :) / We bumped into a cute GSD boy called Nisse. :)

Stackars Tintin – hur hårt han än jobbar med att hålla vågorna borta så fortsätter de komma.
Poor Tintin – no matter how hard he tries to chase them away, the waves just keep coming. Aw.

Nisse med en “pinne” i schäferstorlek. / Nisse with a GSD-sized stick.

Hälften border collie, hälften sjöodjur. / Half Border Collie, half sea monster.

Helt normal… / Completely normal…

Tintin med sin älskade vattenleksak. / Tintin, with his precious water toy.

living the dream

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I have been pondering the expression in the post title, living the dream. Typically, it refers to the life of career-driven people, the kind who also like to attend fancy parties and go on expensive holidays abroad.

For me, it applies to my time here in the south of Sweden. The scenery, the lush green of May and people who open their arms to strangers and treat them like family. We talk about important things and silly things, and each day, for just a moment, I’m close to tears from gratitude. Gratitude for everything good and great that surround me, and for my ability to appreciate it.